As a freelancer, I’m also a solopreneur offering a range of freelance writing and editing services. This includes all kinds of content writing and editing along with social media strategy and management. But great content isn’t enough on its own these days. There is so much information competing for people’s attention online — but how do you craft and support it?

It’s no good to hope if you create it, they will come. You’ve got to actively know how to promote the content by finding your audience and then using the right platform to help them engage and connect with your content.

Freelance Writing and Editing Services

Writers are also readers and social media users so we know what works and what doesn’t work. I can help you craft the right content and the right platform to find your tribe of readers. I offer a complete package of media audit and strategy, content creation, social promotion and campaign review services.


Good writing makes a difference. It might be feature articles, marketing content, blog posts or social media posts. It’s important to be clear, concise and engaging. It’s also important to write for your audience and the relevant platform. The tone, the content and the style need to be appropriate for each piece of content. My writing services include journalism, features articles for print and online, blogs, white papers and interviews and social media posts.


Writers can’t flourish without being researchers. Great ideas don’t happen without contents. Good writing is informative and accurate and respects the reader. My research services include desktop, data research, database, online and using many other resources.


Writing alone won’t get you engaging content. A first thought, a first draft, is just that. It’s the first iteration in a process of refining the ideas into a piece of content. My editing services cover small and large documents, books, white papers, academic papers, articles and newsletters.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing including social media audit and strategy. Social media content writing and management of most social channels. Great content needs a bit of amplification to stand out from the crowd and find the audience.

Writing and Editing Packages

Contact me on for more information about how my writing and editing services. I can produce one-off pieces of content or craft a package of writing and editing services, including Skype consultation to discuss the content, to meet your content goals.