Thought Leadership, Strategy & Content Writing

As a freelancer, I’m also a solopreneur providing B2B and B2C content marketing strategy and writing for clients in Australia, the UK and the US. I specialise in SaaS, blockchain and cryptocurrency, security, cloud, martech, marketing, enterprise and consumer technology and innovation.


1-hour Thought Leadership Brainstorming Session

24 Thought Leadership article ideas in 60 minutes

What is it?
We’ll identify and organise 24 of your best ideas for Thought Leadership articles. Then we’ll develop an outline for the first three to get you started.

What will you get?
By the end of the session, you’ll know exactly what to write for the next six months.

What is this so valuable?
No more second-guessing, no more wasted time, no more writer’s block.

How will it achieve your goals?
Get your brand known, get it in front of the right people and build credibility and sales interest.

What’s involved?

  • We’ll have a brief call to discuss your needs.
  • I’ll then send a questionnaire to understand more about your business and your goals.
  • When this is returned, we’ll schedule a session to work through the ideation to develop 24 of the best ideas for thought leadership articles.
  • Next we’ll also develop an outline for three of those ideas.
  • After the session, I’ll send through a report with all of the ideas for six months worth of Thought Leadership articles, the three outlines and suggested next steps to create the articles.

Why I can help with your thought leadership goals
As a specialised writer and content strategist, I’ve undertaken ideation and created thought leadership articles for business leaders, marketing chiefs and technology executives over many years.

I’ve also created and delivered thought leadership training to agencies and brands who want to develop their subject matter experts and managers to be thought leaders.

“I can highly recommend Rosalyn’s Thought Leadership Workshops. Rosalyn has now shared her knowledge and expertise with two of my agency clients and we all found both sessions to be very informative, well thought through and planned with live examples, open discussion and collaboration. We have all been able to take the insights Rosalyn shared and improve our profiling activities. Time very well spent!”
― Katy Denis, Founder and CEO Extollo


Why is Thought Leadership Vital?
Thought leadership is critical to building value and therefore success in business, marketing and almost every professional endeavour.

“All other things being equal, a brand represented by a human being everybody knows, likes and trusts, will beat a faceless corporation any day.”
― Josh Steimle, best selling author and book coach to high-performance entrepreneurs


Content Marketing Strategy

I can help you craft the right content, starting with content strategy to define and guide the process.

My content creation services  also include content audit, developing customer journeys and target personas, developing a calendar and creating the content assets.

My content strategy and writing experience covers B2B and B2C clients, including design and digital agencies, SaaS, martech and adtech businesses, enterprise and consumer technology businesses and professional services providers.


Good writing makes the difference. It might be feature articles, marketing content, blog posts or social media posts. It’s important to be relevant and engaging. I can create content to suit all stages of the buyer journey, from top of funnel to bottom, for the target persona to address their questions and help solve their problems.

Content marketing writing includes thought leadership, blogs, op eds, case studies, white papers, newsletters, email sequences, demand gen content and website copy.


Writers can’t flourish without being researchers. Great ideas don’t happen without well-founded ideas and evidence. Good writing is informative and accurate, and helps inform the reader. My research services include desktop, data research, database, online using surveys, white paper and reports, and social media audit and analysis.


Writing alone won’t get you engaging content. A first thought, a first draft, is just that. It’s the first iteration in a process of refining the ideas into a compelling piece of content. My editing services cover small and large documents, books, white papers, academic papers, articles and newsletters.

Content Marketing Packages

Here are some sample content marketing packages.

White paper package

  • White paper
  • Related landing page
  • Email campaign promo
  • Social media copy
  • Slide deck
  • Summary sheet

Blog or case study package

  • One or more blogs or case studies
  • Define content goals
  • Editorial calendar
  • List of topic ideas
  • Social media posts

Thought leadership package

  • Ideation for thought leadership article ideas
  • One or more thought leadership articles
  • Conference presentation/speech version
  • Slide deck version
  • LinkedIn article version with hashtags
  • Target publication suggestions for op-ed submission

Website and demand gen content package

  • Website copy for all webpages
  • Demand generation resources for target customer
  • Email sequence copy
  • Social posts copy

A package of content strategy, ideation and writing can be tailored to meet your content and growth goals.

For thought leaders, build a comprehensive suite of tailored and targeted content that assists with brand building and positioning.

For brands and organisations, have a consistent brand voice and message with a suite of content that includes web, demand gen and social.

Contact me on to share your content goals and challenges and learn how my content writing and strategy services can help achieve those goals. Don’t let the competition occupy your space.