Will AI writing tools make writers redundant?

With apologies to Carrie Bradshaw, I couldn’t help but wonder, will AI writing tools make us writers redundant?

There’s a certain nervous frisson that emerges in writers groups when someone mentions automated writing tools. Uttering phrases like ‘AI copywriting’, ‘automated content creation’ or ‘AI-generated text’ among writers is going to quickly elicit a whole host of reactions, from fear and dread to scepticism and outright disbelief.

It’s entirely understandable when you consider that many writers, whether it’s editorial or business, struggle with low rates and the convenient assumption among some that anyone can write and writing involves nothing more than slapping some words on a virtual page.

For brands I can see the appeal of having a system to churn out volumes of content in a straightforward, cost-effective way, particularly when the internet is an unending hungry beast for content. It’s a time consuming and costly process to produce all of the content organisations and brands need today to attract and engage people.

But with that said, I’ll always believe that there’s no replacement for a human writer who can intuit the finer details of a message that needs to be conveyed through a story, whether it’s a blog post, a sponsored op-ed or an article. The art of writing is a lot more than just feeding into a system the raw materials of research, interviews, brand voice, tone, message etc.

I’m quite certain, however, that artificial intelligence (AI) systems will continue to grow in sophistication and skill and may eventually play a role in content creation, whether it’s generation articles from scratch or editing or even being able to create summaries or social posts from source copy.

I do know that some content writers are actively looking at some AI content creation tools and seeing if they can find ways to embrace these high-tech tools as part of their content services they provide to businesses. Being too fearful, but on the other hand being too dismissive, are usually not the best approach to dealing with new technology, particularly when it’s going to potentially disrupt your way of working – not to mention earning capacity.

I use an AI-backed transcription service called Otter.AI that saves me time transcribing interviews (very tedious) and is cost effective and I’m happy with the level of accuracy. Some people swear by writing improvement tools like Grammarly. I’m not a fan, but as a seasoned writer and trained sub-editor I have a lot of these skills already. But not everyone does so these can be useful, up to a point.

AI Writing Tools to Try

If you’re interest to see what’s currently possible, here are a couple of suggestions.

  • Jarvis can create SEO content and is billed as faster and will help boost conversions.

  • Copy.ai will create all kinds of content including social media posts and ecommerce.

This ZDNet article has a bunch, as has this TechRadar rundown. And there’s more. Neil Patel’s blog has a good article including pricing.

That’s just a brief discussion on the topic for this month. I’ve had a busy month, writing articles for several publications and some client work. Here’s a small sample.

My recent bylines

That’s just a brief discussion on the topic for this month. I’ve had a busy month, writing articles for several publications and some client work. Here’s a small sample.

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