My Work

Freelance Journalist Writing and Editing In the UK in 2018

I’m currently writing for a range of magazines and websites as a freelance journalist and working with some corporate clients producing business articles, blogs and white papers. I moved to the UK earlier this year for a change of life and change of work. Freelance has certainly given me that! I’m writing on general topics as well as in my niche, digital lifestyle.

Finding a Passion Project in 2018

In addition to my freelance writing, I’m currently working on an idea for a potential new publishing project. The nice thing about moving to freelancing is that I have a bit more space to think outside the usual parameters of my writing. I’m dipping into some TED Talks and books like Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert for some inspiration and guidance. I also have the privilege of travelling in the UK and Europe now I’m living on this side of the world. I’m embracing my love of photography and, as one does these days, documenting some of it on Instagram.

Journalist in Sydney

I recently shifted to freelance after working as a journalist for CHOICE, the Australian Consumer’s Association, website and magazine. I spent just over a decade writing about consumer issues with a focus on technology. I covered most aspects of consumer tech: privacy, piracy, broadband, streaming, waste, tech reliability, online safety, health, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, AR and VR, travel tech and safety, global roaming, new apps and web trends, 3D printing, ewallet and online payments, online family history, online surveillance and the list could go on. Consumer journalism has a mission as its purpose: to empower consumers to make better choices for the products and services they buy. I loved having a clear, ethical purpose of working to help the members who funded our work.

I also worked freelance on and off during this time covering career, lifestyle, health, medical, travel and corporate writing and editing. My writing has been published in The Sydney Morning Herald, The South China Morning Post, Qantas Inflight magazine, the JetStar inflight magazines, Sunday Life magazine, The Open Road, The Bulletin, Men’s Style to name a few.

Magazines, Before It All Went Online

I worked in magazines in the earlier Noughties and late Nineties in Sydney at Australian Consolidated Press (ACP). During this time I worked at Australian Gourmet Traveller and Gourmet Traveller Wine magazines. I always think this was like my education in fine dining and wine. It was a unique insight into the genius and brilliance of top chefs and the sublime food they create. Starting at ACP, also worked on daily high circulation magazines, a corporate computer magazine when the Y2K bug was a thing.

Getting my Start in Student Publishing

University publishing is a well-trodden path for journalists, writers and designers to get their start in the industry. I was co-editor of several students handbooks and the university paper. It helped me get my first start in publishing, which was writing for MISWeb and as an editorial coordinator at a medical publisher.

A Selection of Articles

Here are a selection of articles from the last 15-odd years of writing and working in the media. It’s by no means exhaustive, but it does capture some good examples of my previous work.


Which Computing_2018


Travel planning apps feature




Messaging App Security


Streaming Report


Travel Writing

The Aus Thames